Stationery Bar Stylathon

Stationary Bar 1A few weeks ago, Style Me Pretty Home had an excellent post about stocking your stationary bar. Ditto to all their advice! I only have a few other suggestions to add.

My mother taught me at an early age how important it is to have an armory of stationary tucked away in your writing desk for special occasions. Stationery for unexpected gifts warranting thank you cards – and unexpected birthdays warranting birthday cards – needs to be within writing distance at all times.

::Store cards in deep, attractive containers and organize by type. Mom and I use boxes designed by Punch Studio::Punch Studio

::Collect stationery as you go! Instead of buying souvenirs on my travels, I’ve started purchasing unique cards from independent book and stationery stores. Never resort to the CVS stationery aisle ever again!::

::Stock your bar with dependable gel pens in dark, vibrant colors. You’ll then have an ink to match the card. Just make sure the ink is visible, especially on the envelope::

::Have several cards stocked for birthdays, anniversaries, babies, etc::

::Once you have a permanent address, invest in a stamp for your return address. Until then, use your printer to print your current address on the back of the envelope’s lid::

::Explore Etsy for unique, independent sellers::Stationary Bar 2A+

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